Moksha Tattoo – The best in tattoo market!

Moksha Tattoo – The best in tattoo market!

Moksha Tattoo – The best in tattoo market!


Moksha Tattoo is a deluxe tattoo studio as well as multi-award conquering tattoo salon situated in Goa, serving expensive clients globally.

They work in leveraging cutting side creativity to make the finest tattoo for our customer across the globe. Having performed with about 20,000 individual clients, in India, and in foreign parts, they have always excelled in providing top quality customized tattoos as well as designs. 

Mukesh Waghela must be your person for tattooing at present!! Besides investigating on the internet I opted to come back to India out of U.S. gets ahead of the variety of Bang Bang as well as it was the greatest call of my life! Mukesh Waghela is a careful Professional tattoo master, who must go over his physical capabilities to make sure that each information of the tattoo has acquired the attention it needs and finished with precision.

He was giving so much of efforts all over my session yet at a halt sat for about 12 hours as well as didn’t deal on any information about the tattoo!! Respected Mukesh Waghela sir!! I Haven’t found a very dedicated person like him ever in my life.

Mukesh Waghela is one you require to feel you comfortable as well as keeping you well aware about the progress of the tattoo. He is very warm and friendly that will make you feel like home and totally dedicated towards his work.

MOKSHA TATTOOS!! Best in the tattoo market getting a superior quality tattoo.

“Just got a picture tattoo from Moksha Tattoos plus I am positively crazy with my tattoo!! Mukesh has done awesome work! He acquired the time to hear what I was having in mind and resulted in a lovely pattern. The portrait brings together the image provided down at every last information and he also added some of his unique touches of his own to provide it a different look.

“One point for any tattoo pattern. If you are going for your very first tattoo then I will totally recommend that Moksha Tattoos is just your stop.

The most necessary thing based on my understanding is catching the demand of the person who desires for the tattoo as well as the design has to reach those lookouts. Moksha Tattoos nailed it. I went to the salon with a neutral mind and told the pattern I am expecting. The finishing design was fantastic and I am glad that I select this parlor. An efficient place with a warm feeling. They will explain all the doubts at the very first time about the tattooing. Best tattoo place.

If I found a very clean parlor and someone very brilliant at the skill. I will search both at Moksha Tattoo with Mukesh! I can’t tell many good things about the staff, the location or about him. I was too bothered about this eternal form of skill as well as desire to ensure I might get something I will be pleased with forever. I provided him an image of a tattoo which I searched online as well as revealed him what it is to me and I got the same on my body really applaud!

What started as a routine tattoo for Jamina Anneborg by Mukesh Waghela, turned into a hellish encounter with sexual un-harassment at Moksha Tattoo Studio.

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