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Tattoo Artist Goa Molestation Rumors

Tattoo Artist Goa Molestation Rumors

It seems Mukesh wagela tattoo artist of Moksha tattoo Studio Goa ( owner )  is first choice for tattoo lover, and therefore many tattoo art lovers from the nook and corners of the earth comes to Moksha tattoo studio Goa, to get their lucky tattoo done by #Mukesh Wagela.

Recently there was some false articles circulating in social media and blogs news about # Mukesh Wagela a renowned tattoo artist. .

Tattoo Artist Goa Molestation Rumors

To analyse True and #false we have collected some screen-shots from Moksha tattoo studio’s Online Google map reviews.

Tattoo Artist Goa Molestation Rumors

Below are the details which gives positive message and  says that The Tattoo Artist Mukesh Wagela – Moksha tattoo studio’s Artist is a decent person .

Lets see what most of the people says about Moksha Tattoo Studio’s Owner Mr. Mukesh Wagela – Goa Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist Goa Molestation Rumors

Below are the few reviews we have just copied and pasted on our article page for just an example

There are more than 400 good reviews on moksha tattoo studio’s google map,

  1. #Original review copied and pasted here from Moksha tattoo studios business site reviews, Name are not displayed on our article ********** ***** wrote Guys I highly recommend this place if ever anybody wants to ever get inked …. my story is that Mr Mukesh waghela saved me from the worst embarrassing tattoo ever and gave a new life to my wacked up old tattoo and now my tattoo looks so amazing , I can’t even express it words ,there is not even a little trace of my old tattoo , he works with diligence , it shows through his work …. I’m completely blown away with his amazing job ….. you guys should definitely consider getting your tattoo from moksha tattoo 👍
Tattoo Artist Goa Molestation Rumors

2. Jamina Anneborg reveals Not shown because slang words

Jamina Anneborg reveals


3. The tattoo I wanted to get done by Moksha was very close to my heart and they even took care of it and made a perfect one , keeping my details in mind always. The work is excellent undoubtedly. You can get tattoo from an of their tattoo artist. All are exceptionally talented and good.Thet are also very friendly. Loved the Work. Would love to get more tattoos in future from them whenever I visit Goa next.
Thank you Moksha <3 – Riya

Tattoo Artist Goa Molestation Rumors

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