Tattoo collaboration – A trend in the market!

Tattoo collaboration – A trend in the market!

Tattoo collaboration – A trend in the market!


Mukesh Waghela one of the famous tattoo artists has won many awards and is very famous all over the globe. He makes tattoo in a very refined and stylish forms, they are very unique and being loved by many.  So do you need new tattoo collaboration? By searching Instagram right now to try to find the right artist with such a one-of-a-kind style to suit your next piece’s thoughts in your head, he is the one. Except perhaps you’re torn between two amazing tattoos and you’re not sure what to choose. Have you ever considered letting work on this upcoming piece by more than one artist? Perhaps you ought to! Welcome to the collaborative tattoo world.

Typically, we don’t see much collaboration with tattoos today. You don’t often find two artists as well as a willing canvas who also wants to work together to achieve a piece to life, but it occurs now and then. We can see so many different ways of approaching one tattoo. With tattoo collaborations, Sometimes artists with different styles work together to create a cohesive piece in which, if watching the final result, they figure and what artist did what portion is almost impossible. Artists are working in other collaborations to take out their signature types to complement each other in a piece, generating a highly dynamic but still strangely cohesive layout.

Collaborations are very much like developing tattoo mosaics as well as puzzles because the artists have to rely on the styles as well as the aesthetics of each other to suit the collaboration. Sometimes an artist may draw a design and let color, shading, and depth to be performed by the other artist. Other times, the artists can bounce ideas on one another to create a theory that is completely unique to their separate original artwork. Or sometimes tattoo artists may even tattoo a collaborative work tattoo at the very same time in rare cases, such as on Ink Master! This is, of course, unless the piece is big enough.

Although rare, across the years, this tattooing trend may have slowly grown. Into the Woods, the tattoo studio, as well as an art gallery, hosted the collaborative tattoo event “2 of a Kind” in mid-2014. He is well known tattoo artists all over the country with different styles through various two-person collaborations to bring unique tattoos to life. This collection was filled with tattooers specializing to everything from black and gray to color realism to a New School to enhance the diversity of all these collaboration pieces. Besides, such events, we do see many industry-respected tattooists rocking as purely artistic endeavors such great collaborations around their peers. Since many customers typically look for only one artist to take their work to final result, it is often not that two artists are given the chance to work together with the one canvas unless they move through an internal industry. Thus tattoo collaboration is a very unique and different way of doing work. It provides great service to the clients and the clients come up with very unique designs in collaboration. 

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